Winning 2016: It’s Time to Thwart Tyranny

Vote for a safe and productive future–do not let Globalist, Leftist and Democrat scare-tactics, distortions and smears take away your focus on the truth and keep us in the dark days that the current administration has ushered in–instead, let’s relegate this sad period to the ash-heap of history and begin anew with a smaller, more people-friendly government. There is a female presidential candidate who, during her former capacity in the U.S. government, shamelessly sold influence to countries that wish us ill, to put it mildly. She has started and/or promoted wars, and fostered entities that mercilessly rape and kill innocent women, children and men. This woman proposes to remove your right to protect yourselves against the aforementioned villains whom she continually empowers, in an effort to gain even more money and infinite power for herself. She also has purposely put our country at risk and should not be eligible for security clearance. This is no mere conspiracy-theory.

There is a presidential candidate who has your best interests at heart. He treats everyone democratically, be they men, women, LGBTQ, straight, legal immigrants, prospective citizens, temporary workers regardless of their religion, as long as they respect others and don’t engage in harming the country or slandering for political advantage. This man has a proven record of creating jobs; he revitalized New York City, restored and built magnificent buildings where thousands work; his family members are engaged in genuine philanthropic activity besides working in the building and restoration business.  I’ve never seen his television show, but I know it was devoted to helping average Americans achieve success by raising their personal and professional standards–it was basically about improving the U.S. economy by encouraging individual excellence. I did portrait jobs for the Trump family from 1988 through 2002. While Donald Trump owned the Plaza Hotel, I saw the many parties he hosted there and the great variety of guests and luminaries who were his friends. No one ever called him a racist or a sexist until he ran for president as a Republican. His Democrat opponent has spent untold millions slandering him on television ads produced by charlatans as ethically-challenged as she is.  I know that many voters do not  have the time to investigate those trite,  false claims, especially when they turn on the tube to relax after working three jobs to pay Obamacare premiums.  Of course, the Republican candidate is an excellent, polished communicator with a great facility for reaching an audience. Stadiums fill up to capacity with people who understand the man’s platform and proven good character. They are eager to hear more.

He publicly predicted that the Iraq war would be a disaster and pronounced his stance against it on news-channels before it was officially declared. This conscientious genius is against war, is for smart yet fair trade, believes in “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH”, and in empowering the people rather than Wall Street, unlike his opponent. He has the mental tools and human resources to get it done, while others just pay lip-service to improving the economy and creating jobs.

He will protect Social Security, which has been raided by Democrats in congress for decades. The Republican presidential candidate is determined to repeal the most unconstitutional, damaging law the citizenry and business has ever had foisted upon them: the so-called Affordable Care Act, which does the polar opposite of what the president who pushed it promised. That corrosive “health care” scheme is nothing but a payback to the big insurance companies that supported his two presidential runs, and not for the benefit of the people. We have to wonder who is being enriched by the ever-more-exorbitant monthly premiums that, because the policies they’re attached to have sky-high deductibles, buy us absolutely no medical care whatsoever.

As an independent thinker who refuses to be bought by corporate America, Big Pharma or outside entities, the Republican candidate is unique in this presidential race, and self-funded his entire Primary quest, which he won against heavy odds, ultimately triumphing over entrenched politicians and wily insiders. And recently, it has been exposed that the DNC and its candidate orchestrated violent riots outside Trump rallies, and paid people to protest inside as well. No political candidate in history has had to endure the extreme, monolithic media dishonesty and nasty campaigning against him from the incumbent president and his own party that our champion has. Republicans in congress are so vehemently against Mr. Trump, though he represents all they’ve ever claimed to support, that they seem to have been bribed by some evil entity. And if not, then what are they afraid of? Probably the demise of their positions on the corrupt corporate/big government gravy-train. Special Interests own them, and as they sense they are going to be discovered for their surreptitious activity, they double-down on the vicious calumny. This great man has sacrificed the past fifteen months of his life to a most benevolent cause: MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for everyone: U.S. citizens of all races, creeds, genders and colors.

©M-Jeanne de M., Writer and Editor of WINNING 2016