TRUMP RALLY IN DELAWARE, OHIO, OCTOBER 20th; 9:30 a.m. Pacific,  

The morning after the third presidential debate, which Mr. Trump won resoundingly, this Titan holds a massive rally in Delaware, Ohio, another place where he is wildly popular with middle class Americans. Hillary’s only constituents are mega-rich who have favors to buy, politically ignorant Broadway and Hollywood actors, doped-up musicians and illegal aliens. The thousands of illegals in Nevada and elsewhere that Hillary meets with regularly, by the way, are now disenfranchising our citizenry by voting illegally, as per HER>>> mob’s instructions. Ironically, the country they have entered unlawfully would be unlivable, even for them, if this rigged election saddled us WITH HER>> as president. Getting our country back from career criminals can only be accomplished by a thoroughly clean and lawful election-process. That is going to be very difficult, as Mrs. C.’s main puppeteer is anti-American George Soros, an international currency manipulator, mega-billionaire who has close ties to the voting machine company that furnished them for sixteen of our United States.

This live event video is presented by our friends, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)–click on the video to go to their page, where you can watch and participate in the live chat during this rally. All Trump rally videos here at WINNING 2016 are filmed and/or hosted by RSBN.


Sabotage and Slander Sanctioned When a Sick System is at Stake

Fox News has been almost unilaterally against presidential candidate and official Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Every negative slur against him is magnified and given intense focus by those jokers. Most long-time viewers and leftists are as yet unaware of more important changes at Fox News Channel (FNC). While focusing on the displacement of founder Roger Ailes, Gretchen’s scandalous claims, and  that Greta van Susteren has left the company, people have missed the fact that Rupert Murdoch’s sons, now in power there, are left-leaning, devout Never-Trumpers. Certain Fox News personalities were instructed months ago to run a covert anti-Trump campaign. Profound bias, however, has not precluded reporting by Fox News of a story revealing the Debate Commission’s admission that Trump was given a defective microphone for Monday night’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. On rare occasions, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.

Left-wing Democrats often brand people without actually watching and listening to them, as in the case of Trump and his candidacy. Blind followers of fashion and victims of peer-pressure will glibly repeat vicious slurs by uninformed singers and actors against any public figure whom they have deemed “uncool.” This phenomenon is one result of mass-media’s monolithic stranglehold on society. It’s also a good reason for Donald J. Trump’s steady stream of Tweets, providing reliable communication with his followers and simultaneously letting his detractors know his actual thoughts and positions without them having been squeezed through the faulty filter of an inherently antagonistic press. Mrs. C. doesn’t  have a natural affinity for the American people, and, by all appearances, does not relish being among average folk. Surrogates Tweet out crazy misinterpretations of Trump’s every utterance, and attribute to his motives HER slimy distortions, instead of touting the woman’s ideas. The HRC Twitter page is a virtual vacuum, its bag full of dried up venom and yesterday’s empty slogans. If the Democrat nominee’s sycophants were truly aware of Donald J. Trump’s platform and opened their rigid minds to it, they would likely jump ship and get on the Trump Train, joining the big brains in Hollywood and some very famous, cutting-edge independent thinkers among our racial minorities.

Owners of news-outlets and talk radio’s big players are anti-Trump for a couple of reasons: a reluctance to shift from corrupt gravy-train pay-to-play politics and embrace a more citizen-friendly system, and a fear among radio hosts who fancy themselves each more conservative than the other, that Mr. Trump is replacing them in the hearts and minds of non-Democrats. As his appeal grows wider by the day, with Democrats supporting in ever-increasing numbers, the frenzied forces against this Titanic Republican  presidential nominee are going through bizarre contortions  and creating outright false scenarios about the man.

If the incumbent were not bent on implementing a scorched-earth policy and studiously engaged in malevolent manipulations of media (and of the election itself), such as his timely transference of our internet oversight to an international body that is inimical to traditional American liberties, Mr. Trump would get a big kick out of watching the delusional dimwits on the Democrat side exhibit their deranged desperation. But, truth is at a premium now as we try to keep B.H.O.’s chosen successor, who is not above selling our interests to the highest bidder, from simply being installed to continue his and her anti-American agenda. Facts must be spoken loudly, and fiction must be sternly denounced. An insane rumor was cooked-up on Tuesday morning after the unprofessional, non-standard “debate”, that DJT was sniffing coke thus sniffled loudly during the event (Donald Trump has never taken an alcoholic drink, never smoked tobacco, pot or experimented with illegal drugs–a well-known fact). This patently false idiocy was put forth by loose cannon and former Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean, whose off-the-wall, unhinged outbursts during the 2004 election season have been fodder for T.V. comedy ever since. Of course, for protectus anus purposes, Dr. Dean ended his vicious attack with a disingenuous disclaimer, to wit that he doubts Trump has “a cocaine problem.” We now know that the microphone which Trump was given at his debate podium was having serious malfunctions from the start, a problem that could easily have been spotted a priori by those setting him up–see where I’m heading here?

Public speaking experts and health gurus have long instructed people to breathe only through their noses for maximum brain function and enhanced health in general. Donald J. Trump uses this method of breathing consistently during his speeches. One can easily surmise that a faulty microphone magnified and distorted the sound-quality of his every nasal-powered breath during Monday night’s debate. Respiration through the nose has stellar results in Trump’s case. Unlike the current president and his preferred successor, whose speech-patterns are on-record with awkward pauses, countless utterances of “uh” and “you know”, Mr. Trump does not employ fillers-of-speech.  He articulates his ideas, policies and proposals in clear and concise language without hesitations or “hiccups”, whether in unscripted meetings or delivering an address with the aid of a teleprompter. There is an expression, “mouth-breather”, used to describe people who either aren’t using the brains with which they were endowed, or those who are just plain dumb.  Donald Trump has never been in that category, being a high-achiever and innovative thinker who quite capably gives more than one speech per day in impeccable style. The same cannot be said about his flagging opponent.

We know that the Clintons have, during their very long political career, used a dishonest technique of accusing others of doing precisely what they have done, to deflect attention from their deeds. The first glaring example of this occurred on network television in the 1990s when then-First Lady  was asked to address the many recent revelations about her husband’s escapades with other women. She immediately countered with the proclamation that it was just “a VAST Right Wing Conspiracy”–an unprofessional and ludicrous charge, especially since his female accusers were not even Republicans. The recent “Republican War on Women” canard was concocted by conniving Democrats as a false suggestion about Republicans (it amounts to “subliminal seduction”, an old advertising technique), when the polar opposite is true. But, being on the Left means never having to read the news, so the simplistic, alliterative phrase is still parroted by the willfully ignorant. The feigning of moral superiority by a bunch who are bereft of common decency is risible at best. Mrs. Clinton is now campaigning by cliché for the highest office in the land. Using her gender as a device is as hackneyed a ploy as we’ve ever seen in politics. It’s 2016, not 1984. She poses as capable and strong, yet demands special considerations because she is a female–it’s hypocritical at best. The Democrat candidate is devoid of edifying and innovative ideas that truly help the citizens. Her enablers don’t want their gravy-train coming to a screeching halt by dint of able intervention by a clear-eyed outsider with vision. She is hoping to further exploit and expand a corruptible system of government rife with wink-and-nod quid pro quo games that entrenched insiders play at our expense. Identity-politics and sleazy character-assassination are convenient tools when she has nothing to offer except the same old false promises.  Nobody ever accused HER of not being a wily female–or, for that matter, of taking the high road.

The actual 1990s conspiracy involved the Clintons deflecting attention from their culture of abuse by trashing anyone who got in their way. And now, the former Sec’y of State and her henchmen invent ways to paint Trump with the perception of impropriety when it is she and her staff who have acted inappropriately–trying to make him into a “coke-sniffer” is just the latest lie. Many observers believe that the female Democrat presidential nominee has had myriad health situations that required drug-cocktails being administered before and perhaps even during her public speaking presentations. Knowing that, HRC’s team of professional prevaricators and saboteurs were prepared to use the time-tested deflection tactic on Trump’s supporters to sully his sterling character with a drug fable and to change public perception of the Republican nominee’s debate performance, though he was widely declared the winner.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, after whom a prestigious Debate Chair is named at Princeton University, declared that Monday night’s performance by Donald Trump was the best he had given in any debate of this presidential season. I’ll take the word of champion debater Ted, over that of a biased, uninformed talking head.

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October 1st, 2016


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