The Washington Post and CNN, together with Left-Wing PARROTS, are now misquoting Donald J. Trump as suggesting the U.S. engage in “racial” profiling to assess terror-risks. He simply said that, as Israel has done successfully for DECADES, the U.S.A. ought to use “profiling”.  But simpletons and lemmings in the press only understand the term, “racial profiling”–that’s how unsophisticated and ignorant they really are. Even after having it explained to them in triplicate, they now insist upon propagating this misunderstanding of THEIRS.  No wonder Donald Trump calls the media “The MOST DISHONEST PEOPLE”!


TRUMP DOES NOT MAKE “GAFFES”–he makes brilliant, surprising statements that are often prophetic, and sometimes his quips are the very essence of irony. Reporters have become distorters in their quest to prop up a candidate with serious ethical and mental deficiencies, in the erroneous belief that HER evil machine won’t eventually turn against THEM. Therefore, every utterance by Donald J. Trump is taken out-of-context and twisted beyond recognition. The monolithic press has all but blocked out the shining sun that is our next president. As long as the malevolent media are laboring under the illusion that they will somehow benefit by being on the wrong side, this nefarious practice will continue, even into a fresh, clean new presidency. Unpredictability is not a Left-Wing trait.

~~Jeanne, Author and Editor of


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