Numerous DNC Convention Speeches Based on a Colossal Lie

  Dems at Large:



Mrs. Clinton is the only one among the 2016 presidential candidates whose convention speech included a colossal lie about the opposing candidate–in this case, Donald J. Trump (click here for the AP article on her willful distortion). In fact, much of the DNC convention’s theme revolved around this purposely false premise. Nobody can say that the Democrats don’t know their constituents–they count on those dupes never reading the news, and never letting the facts deter them. For blind followers in the Democrat party, and those who have been richly rewarded for being Anti-Trump this crucial election season (including some R.I.N.O.s who’ve been masquerading as conservatives), IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

How dare Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Paul Ryan, William Kristol, George F. Will, Erick Erickson and other knee-jerk Neo-Cons question Mr. Trump’s conservatism without researching Trump’s platform? Given their insane resistance, which they fail to adequately justify, these Republicans obviously have never actually listened to his speeches, but base their objection to his candidacy on jealousy and sophomoric resentment.

Perhaps, in the upcoming presidential debates, Donald J. Trump ought to borrow a line from the movie, Wall Street (oh, how appropriate, since Hillary and Wall Street are thick as thieves): I’ll stop telling the truth about you, if you stop lying about me.



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