If Offended by Truth about Them, They’re Admitting Guilt


Above: Magazine from 1940

THIS MAN KHAN DEFENDS an UNCONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM of LAW. Read linked article by Wayne Madsen. So, when Donald Trump mentioned that Mr.Khan’s wife was silent and wearing “cover” at the Democrat convention, where the man flagrantly lied about the Republican presidential candidate, he ought to have been proud–happy that people noticed he was correctly following his preferred, anti-constitutional credo. To consider any mention of it an offense is to admit to the world that the sort of law HE is facilitating in the U.S. is oppressive, inhumane, and unconstitutional. Truth hurts Leftists, wherever they lurk and work their anti-American evil. This fellow’s shocking activities  are described in the linked article.

The unwarranted reaction (to Mr. Trump’s innocuous response) on this liar’s part is similar to Senator Ted Cruz being offended by a tweet going around Twitter showing his wife’s portrait next to a similar photo of Trump’s wife, Melania. The side-by-side photo montage was simply re-tweeted by Mr. Trump after the Cruz campaign did a nasty hit-piece on his wife. For him to be “offended” by it was more of an insult to Mrs. Cruz than anything else–how revealing that was–apparently, Senator Cruz believes that his wife is ugly, since the photo was standard-issue. And, apparently, deep down this lying lawyer Khan believes that the laws he promotes are inherently wrong. Otherwise, why the extreme reaction to Trump’s words? To quote William Shakespeare, METHINKS THOU DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH.

The offensive, angry and vicious speaker, a close associate of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, ignorantly accused Donald Trump of never having read the Constitution, since he wants to protect innocent Americans from the Trojan Horse that an influx of so-called refugees represents. Mr. Trump attended military academy, where boys are taught U.S. history, and certainly the Constitution. Trump is against war; he is on-record as having been vociferously and philosophically opposed to the Iraq war a priori. Mrs. Clinton voted FOR the Iraq war. This loose-lipped lawyer from Pakistan has obviously not read the U.S. Constitution himself. It says nothing about immigration policy. Foreigners do not have the rights of U.S. citizens. In fact, the United States had a forty-year period of no immigration at all, from 1924-1964. Now, here’s the kicker: the ideology and legal system that Mr. Khan promotes and facilitates is unconstitutional in the United States of America. Examples of Left-Wing hypocrisy this blatant are becoming more common by the day, as the country rots from the head down. Is it too late to stop the hemorrhaging of sanity and common sense?


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