Freedom_of_Speech_Democrat_Style 8-7-2016 7-00-51 AM

The Democrats’ Version of Freedom-of-Speech Means Taking away YOURS!

I photographed this sign in Santa Fe, New Mexico during the 2008 presidential campaign. The homeowners were loyal Americans of Spanish heritage (the city was founded by Spaniards over 400 years ago); the husband was a Veteran of World War II. This sort of sabotage by Democrats and Leftists is prevalent in many cities and towns across the United States. It is now a Democrat tradition (there is nothing “democratic” about them); I witnessed this criminal activity, and regular sign-theft, for decades on the East Coast. In fact, one of their criminals was caught-in-the-act at Andover, Massachusetts this week, defacing Trump campaign sign with spray-paint and falsehoods on  the property of a Hispanic-American veteran: ARTICLE


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