During a very sleazy, nasty, typically Clintonian, pre-fabricated speech taped in Reno, Nevada this week (before a nearly invisible audience), a woman rightfully known as “Hitlery” accused Trump and his supporters of being “racists”, labeling them “Alt-Right” as a rather confusing slur. The brilliant investigator Alex Jones, whom she slandered in her screech, spoke from the heart and off-the-cuff, something the Democrat presidential candidate isn’t capable of doing, in this powerful rebuttal:

And now, FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS! As dim bulb Al Gore once said, “A leopard doesn’t change its stripes.” Electing this hater, whom New York Times columnist William Safire called “a congenital liar”, is, to use mild parliamentary language, inadvisable.


And Now this Bit of Reality:

Why is she accusing Trump supporters and Donald J. Trump himself of racism? Because that is the traditional Clinton modus operandum: when they know they are going to be exposed as doing something wrong, they immediately try to paint their opposition, whomever it may be, private citizen or public figure, with the very same  charge, regardless of its falseness and outright absurdity. The following flyer was handed out by an Indian-American at NYC’s India Day Parade:


This Secretary of State, while in office, was paid huge amounts by Big Pharmaceutical companies to influence the approval of such dangerous prescription drugs as Victoza and numerous statins/ACE inhibitors. It’s called “Influence-Peddling”, and it was done through a mechanism that goes like this: she either gives a “speech” at Merck, for example, and is paid megabucks to do so–OR, she just “phones it in”. The speaker’s fee is then “donated” to her foundation. Many deaths have been attributed to some drugs that were authorized in this manner. But, the evidence is clear: the almighty dollar takes precedence over human life in her twisted world.

And then there are her long-standing relationships with Wall Street and one of the biggest poisoners of people AND the food-supply: Monsanto. There are former 2016 presidential candidates who have financial ties to Wall Street and to that international GMO/pesticide behemoth as well, but not Donald Trump (this fact was the reason they lied about Trump during the debates). He is owned by NO evil entity, foreign or domestic–the polar opposite of the candidate who is vaunted by the so-called “Liberal” Left,  Hillary Rodham Clinton–you know, the woman who was kicked off the Watergate investigative committee for unethical behavior, and who supports an extreme religious ideology that oppresses and kills women and gays, two groups that Trump has promised to protect. If “Occupy Wall Street” were not a disruptive force, a false flag operation financed by her current mentor, Soros, its “members” would be rejecting HER and voting for Trump-Pence. She must be ecstatic over the fact that HER constituents are dumb as bricks. And, of course, as I always say, BEING ON THE LEFT MEANS NEVER HAVING TO READ THE NEWS!

@Jeanne de St. A, August 27th, 2016



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