TV’s Anti-Trump Wacko Scarborough Needs to Revisit the Instability of Obama-Speak (Pres. Trump NEVER says “You Know” or “Uh…”)

The chronically-unhinged loose cannon, opportunistic failed politician Joe Scarborough did some fancy foot-work on his morning show, trying to paint President Trump’s latest speech as a sign of mental instability, simply because a temporary dental malfunction had caused his mouth to go dry yesterday. For Mr. Scarborough to put forth such a lousy, limp theory indicates his own mental deficiencies and character flaws: extreme jealousy, baseless bias and pettiness. Has he no recollection of the previous president’s utter lack of speaking skills? President Obama and his First Lady made a national epidemic of stuttering, mispronunciations and fillers-of-speech. The U.S.A. may never recover from their depredations upon the language.


President Trump’s Tough, Benevolent Speech at APEC in Vietnam

Pres. Trump’s Granddaughter Arabella Kushner Recites Poetry and Sings in Mandarin Chinese

Published on Nov 8, 2017

Exclusive: U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s granddaughter Arabella Kushner singing in Mandarin and reciting a part of the Three-Character Classic and ancient Chinese poems. Trump is on a three-day state visit to China. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan welcomed their U.S. counterparts with an afternoon tea at the Palace Museum on Wednesday, during which President Trump showed Xi and Peng this video of Arabella.~~New China TV

Not Fit to Lead

Here’s “What Happened”:

The Trouble WITH >>HER

The Most Potty-Mouthed Woman in American Politics

General Kelly Sets Record Straight on President Trump’s Consolation Call to Gold Star Family

Congresswoman Frederika Wilson, an inveterate Anti-Trumper, used the occasion of a tragedy to falsely accuse President Trump, the most compassionate and eloquent president the U.S. has ever known, of being “insensitive” in a phone call to a military widow when he was en route to meet the casket of a soldier who was killed in Niger.