Wimp ON, Wisconsin!


It’s said that Congressman Ryan is opting out of the appearance tomorrow with Donald J. Trump. Now we hear that the prickly prig Ryan has “disinvited” the Republican presidential candidate from a “UNITY” event given for him! He has been rude to Trump from the beginning, for some reason. After all Trump has sacrificed for the party in the last sixteen months? Hell, if Trump’s WIFE Melania hasn’t opted out of associating with the Titan, why in the world should Ryan? After all, the so-called “bombshell” dropped today by the Washington Post, which has been against Trump for their own perverse reasons, was a private 2005 conversation taped (DOCTORED-UP, SPLICED, it turns out) while Donald was talking to Billy Bush, imparting a little “entertaining” and self-deprecating vignette about himself trying to get with some anonymous gal. I hear that Billy Bush was a little entertainment gossip host (I do not look into television culture, and have never seen Trump’s program, the Apprentice, but it sounds like a show devoted to inspiring excellence in the American entrepreneur). And of course, little Billy must be glorying in the idiotic “revelation”–much of that the transcript has been out there in print for months!  The Bush-Clinton bunch has used Billy’s underhanded recording in their desperation to keep the corrupt gravy-train going. You know, the one that provides lots of benefits to the two crime families when they sell off parts of the United States to our enemies, and enrich corporate entities including those making poisonous pesticides that pervade the food-supply, and Big Pharma which produces equally dangerous drugs and “therapies”.

So, this conglomerate known as globalism, which includes the Bush and Clinton families as well as a monolithic media, the U.N. and E.U., finds Donald J. Trump’s language in a 2005 private conversation, while he was talking to Billy Bush inappropriate? IT’S THE SAME SORT OF TALK MEN ENGAGE IN WITH EACH OTHER WHEN WOMENFOLK AIN’T AROUND–OR HAVEN’T YOU BEEN WATCHING T.V., MOVIES, INTERNET REPORTS, OR WHATEVER PEOPLE LOOK AT OR READ IN POP CULTURE? Must Speaker Ryan always affect an air of sanctimony? Is he an entrenched insider, ridin’ that gravy train and living behind that tall wall because he is on the take with all the other globalists in congress?

Is a white man not supposed to speak of anything remotely close to the lyrics of a rap song? Are men to behave at all times like pansies and cub scouts? GROW UP, PEOPLE. It’s not TRUMP who is at fault here, and no one over twelve years old is shocked–so quit faking it. The party that promotes every sort of perverse behavior on earth is shocked at so-called “sexism”? Little creep Billy Bush, in tandem with the unethical, unprofessional WaPo, is guilty of bad acting. So is everyone associated with the unethical Clinton campaign, a group that has paid protesters to beat up and throw rocks at Trump supporters, steal and vandalize Trump-Pence signs. STOP FEIGNING “SHOCK” over something that you people do in spades–in fact, your own scurrilous conversations are public now, BIG-LEAGUE, from when you were actually on the government job. Knock off the moral superiority act. YOU LOOK INSANE! After all, YOU promote the abuse of women–horrific torture, rape, mutilation and murder. And what about your habit of killing full-term babies?

Trump is not a perfect man–he is an IDEAL MAN. A person whose time has come. No one else has the will or the ability to protect the people of this country from a dastardly, planned demise. This evil scheme has been underway since 2008, and must be thwarted.

We are in grave danger if Mrs. “C” is elected. We are already at two minutes before midnight on the Doomsday Clock, or even closer. Every single one of us. Not only is the Hydra-headed entity that is determined to be installed in the Oval Office a vituperative, dishonest, deal-breaking and profit-making entity, but it leaves destruction in its wake like a Hitlerian genocide binge–no one is safe from its retributive machinations. We simply cannot afford to get distracted from focusing on basic survival. Obama is pushing Putin, of whom he has been resentful since being elected in 2008, towards nuclear war. So is his preferred successor. They have not a care in the world–especially for U.S. So, women and pansy men who are “offended”–go comfort yourself with the latest FIFTY SHADES of GREY, or whatever that smut you like is called.

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