President Trump Speaks on His Tax Cuts and Successful Manufacturing Revival

January 18th, 2018, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: President Trump endorses Rick Saccone for U.S. Congress (R-PA), and visits H&K Industrial Equipment company.


Pres. Trump Talks Tax-Reform to Truckers in Harrisburg, PA on Oct. 11th

HISTORIC RALLY with President Trump & Gov. Jim Justice in West Virginia

Trump Rally Feb. 18 in Melbourne, Florida

Trump Holds Lively Press Conference on Jan. 11th, 2017

In one of his most momentous appearances since the 2016 election, President-Elect Donald J. Trump and his lawyer set forth plans to remove all possibility of, or even the slightest perception of “conflict-of-interest” among the Trump business-empire and his imminent presidency. This is an example of the thoroughness with which Donald J. Trump conducts his duties; he has already extricated himself from his building company’s top position  and handed the reins to his three oldest children. A strong desire to be an example of impeccable ethics and professionalism consistently guides Mr. Trump to go above and beyond the call of duty; past presidents and members of Congress have not felt the need to totally distance themselves from their respective avenues of income-enhancement. The Washington, D.C. Swamp is a rotten borough, and this seasoned leader appropriately sets the tone for draining the cesspool of its stagnant, putrid muck.

Watch this press-conference for some very interesting and downright refreshing interaction by the future president with certain rogue members of the press, a league comprised of corporations and individuals who have marched in imbecilic lock-step against him for nearly two years like brainless followers of fashion. After the revelations of this morning about some twisted, absurd fake news they have been propounding this week, it would be most appropriate if Mr. Trump made a proposal to the unprofessional, unethical press using a great line from the movie, “Wall Street”: “I’ll stop telling the truth about you, if you stop lying about me…”!

©M-J de M., January 11th, 2017

President-Elect Donald J. Trump Thank-You Rally in Cincinnati, Dec. 1st 2016

President-Elect Donald J. Trump and V.P.-Elect Mike Pence hold a victory gratitude rally in Cincinnati, Ohio–the first of many on a post-election sweep of the United States. The Trump-Pence Thank You Tour will continue next week with rallies in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Dec. 6th), Des Moines, Iowa (Dec. 8th), and Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, December 9th. Check-in here at Winning 2016 Blog to see events posted and live coverage by RSBN.

Earlier today, Vice President-Elect Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana and Donald J. Trump, President-Elect Make an Important Announcement at Carrier Corp. Air Conditioners in Indianapolis.