President Trump Delivers on Promises, and Is More Popular than Ever

President Trump tweets because it is his pipeline to the people. We are fortunate that he communicates with us directly, as no president has ever done. We are apprised of his hard-won accomplishments and daily endeavours, and treated to inside knowledge on the processes by a man who would rather work than sleep or golf. The new president has been lied about by the talking heads and press since he announced his intention to run in June, 2015. Hatred has been drummed-up by these detractors to such a degree that paid rioters are now a common occurrence, the distinguishing feature of a dumbed-down Democrat party that now openly pays thugs and illegal voters to destroy its worthy opponents. Vicious reporters (distorters) know the truth, but spout lies nonetheless. They are obviously on someone’s payroll in addition to that of their respective newspapers and networks.

Thanks to a paid accomplice, to wit the mainstream media, citizens who support Trump-Pence and routing out Washington D.C. corruption are the most at-risk people in the United States of America. Their property is vandalised and burned, they, their elderly parents and children are harassed, even beaten; cars are damaged and set afire, and even though the majority voted the same way they did, these beleaguered citizens are now afraid to even mention the president’s name unless they’re assured of being amid fellow “Deplorables” exclusively. We have the Democrats’ female 2016 presidential candidate to thank for that ridiculous moniker. You remember >>HER, the effete woman who was given questions before the debates in order to cheat. Now, who is deplorable? While the always-sober Donald J. Trump was focused on important existential threats to the American people this nasty, alcohol-swilling, frowsy, cold-hearted liar was busy coming up with slurs as warmed-over and flat as last night’s prosecco. She haughtily assumed that her audience, a bunch of NYC faux intellectuals, would cheer her for those junior-high slams.  Boy, did that childish presentation of hers backfire: the ridiculous “Basket of Deplorables” episode provided comic relief to help get us through the most putrid election season in history, and the unnecessarily rough winter that followed.

Biased polls, produced by entities that have been paid-off by globalists like so many congresspeople, mean nothing. I advise taking one’s own poll, as I do, speaking with ordinary workers and business owners. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone who supported the ethically-challenged Democrat candidate, a two-time loser who just reckoned she was somehow entitled to an automatic crowning, even after abusing her office as Secretary of State in the most egregious way: pay-to-play, right under her boss’ nose, likely with his assent.

Protesters against repealing the dastardly, idiotically-named Affordable Care Act are predominantly those whose lives it affects not a whit: academics, rich kids, government employees, union members, illegals, and people whose employers cover them automatically. Citizens who are forced to purchase “health insurance” by Obamacare law would be better served paying cash for medical services, because what they are paying in monthly premiums provides ZERO actual “insurance” for them. If the “coverage” ever DID kick-in, it would begin after the citizen first paid an exorbitant deductible, usually upwards of $20,000.00. In fact, offering to pay cash for care usually wins one a huge discount, since doctors and clinics would save on administrative filing duties. Insurance is the problem, not the solution, to exorbitant medical-care prices.

Only Democrats voted Mr Obama’s punitive “health care” measure into law; Republicans were locked out of the process, denied the ability to examine it a priori. Democrats themselves arrogantly skipped reading it, assuming that its writer, Jeffrey Gruber had done a bang-up job, and not really caring what was “in it”. Mr Gruber was caught on tape saying that U.S. citizens were too dumb to know how severely they were being hoodwinked by his many-thousand pages of new fees, punishments, restrictions and regulations. Justice John Roberts mysteriously went through contortions to find a way to legitimise the insurance mandate, which smacked of unconstitutional abuse; it was a seemingly desperate act that caused many to suspect he had undergone undue, unethical pressure to get it done. And now, because billions from globalists, some of whom were recently in the White House, are being funneled to members of congress to prop-up the last president’s “legacy”, those same Republicans are actually now voting to keep the Obamacare law, together with the Democrats they had long railed against for passing that destructive debacle. It is obvious now that the only ones benefiting from the so-called Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) are the politicians and insurance companies. It just doesn’t get more evil than that.

The D.C. Swamp got a lot deeper and much more foul during Obama’s last year in office. Whenever a congressperson of either party ranted against candidate Donald J. Trump, even though he represented everything they had always pretended to support, it suggested that they were being influenced by someone’s filthy lucre. Draining the teeming swamp is a bigger job than anyone heretofore imagined.  The only person who has the strength, determination, skill, brains, experience and character to do so is President Donald J. Trump.  ©M-Jeanne de M. 2017



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