TRUMP RALLY RENO, NEVADA TODAY, Nov. 5th @ 3:30 PACIFIC/NEVADA; 6:30 p.m. Eastern  Now, that was historic: a paid violent protester sitting near the front was about to shoot or catapult something at Mr. Trump, and was tackled by men near him. Secret Service ran up to Donald and shielded him, hustling the candidate out quickly. He came out cool five minutes later and resumed his speech. A small troop of helmeted soldiers came into the area where the restrained would-be attacker was being detained, and flanked the police as they trundled the miscreant out of civilized society. I do hope he gives up the name of whomever hired him. I saw a man in the crowd pick up a shoe from the floor after the mild melée. He was wondering what to do with it–I believe it belonged to the perp, who may have planned to throw it at Trump, moslem-style. People around the aggressor said the man had a fire-arm that he was hiding with a Trump sign. UPDATE: Man That Caused Trump Rally Chaos Is Exposed As a HILLARY SUPPORTER (VIDEO)

Right Side Broadcasting, Our Preferred Producer of Trump Videos, Has This Footage of DJT Being Protected by the Secret Service against a Potential Assassin

The world knows that the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee have paid for vandals and thugs to assault, beat, throw rocks, steal, spray-paint, bomb and destroy the property of peaceful Trump supporters. A month ago, they spray-painted the entrance pillars of the recently-finished Trump International Hotel D.C, which was an intensive restoration/historic preservation project undertaken by his children Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. Trump campaign offices are being vandalized all over the country by this violent organization.


WOW–I was editing this piece just now, and my husband told me about YET ANOTHER ATTACK ON TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL D.C. TODAY—the Klinton Kampaign is BRAZEN and will stop at nothing to either steal the election through rigged machines (proven) or just carry out the usual Hitlery-style retribution, this time for not automatically crowning HER queen. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE VIOLENT VANDAL PARTY.

To make it all credible, as though the public hates Mr. Trump, there’s the vicious smear campaign on television and radio by Hillary, which has cost her billions–all that money to paint Trump as a racist and sexist. Everyone knows that she is the only racist, sexist/rape enabler and bigot in the campaign for president. If you want to know what the dirty Klintons are up to, all you have to do is sit back and listen to their false accusations of others–because that’s their traditional gimmick for slander and libel. Shrinks call it “projecting”, but WITH >>HER, it’s much more malevolent. If she and Bill are planning to sabotage someone, for instance, they will accuse that person of sabotaging themtrump-30rs_not_racist_sexist

TONIGHT, A SECOND ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON DONALD TRUMP HERE IN NEVADA (the first one was in Ohio). The first one in Nevada was last summer in Las Vegas. This act has the markings of a Klinton Krime Kabal stunt. An insane-looking man just happens to be in Reno to attack Mr. Trump. Trump saw the man acting strangely, and called him out as one of Hillary’s paid protesters who make $1500.00 to disrupt Trump when he is speaking. Bill Clinton was in Nevada two days ago (parents of teen girls–and younger–went on high alert for the duration). He and Hillary like to visit Las Vegas, in particular, for their particularly peculiar proclivities. It’s called sex-tourism. And there’s no vice in which they do not delight–as tonight proved. Pay to Play, and Pay to Slay are their special talents.



Above: Trump in Denver, at the National Western Center–a Late Evening Rally that Had Attendees Leaving the Venue as Late as 11:30 p.m.

So far, we think it will begin at 6:30 Pacific, 7:30 Mountain, 8:30 Central, 9:30 Eastern. Sometimes, it takes many hours to screen every single attendee for security, especially if there are fifteen or twenty-thousand of them, as is often the case.

By the way: Tim Kaine held a rally in Florida today. Three people attended.


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