Donald J. Trump Address at Gettysburg on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016: Donald J. Trump will speak at the Eisenhower Complex.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Delivers His Platform in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, 9:00 a.m. Mountain, 10: a.m. Central, and 11:00 a.m. Eastern, on 10/22/16. If you miss the live coverage, ABC will keep this footage up indefinitely for later viewing.

Those who have never listened to a speech by Donald J. Trump would do well to witness this morning’s talk at Gettysburg. There are many mothers and fathers who work two or three jobs thanks to the abysmal Obamaconomy and “Obamacare” tax. These downtrodden Americans have no time to do research on Mr. Trump’s actual platform. While listening to radios on their way to work, legions of busy people only hear Trump’s words and ideas distorted by an inimical press, who are by now very skilled at cherry-picking phrases out-of-context, attributing motives to DJT that he doesn’t possess. At night while watching T.V. for relaxation, Mrs. C’s vicious, slanderous anti-Trump ads, on which she’s spent billions, screech us to sleep. The perpetual drum-beat of Democrat Dirty Tricks designed to demonize the decent Republican Donald J. Trump inevitably has a deleterious effect on our population’s perception of him.

I hear the false, anti-Trump propaganda every half-hour from AP News, CBS and Fox News, while checking out the talk shows on radio. Mrs. C studied a Hitlerian brainwashing procedure at the knee of Satanist and criminal Saul Alinsky, her early idol. By psychiatrists, it’s called “projection”. That moldy Clintonian technique of bamboozling the public is now in full-swing.  Reporters and talking heads have learned to deflect attention from the evil deeds of their master, Hitlery. If you want to know what SHE is up to, just sit back and listen to what they falsely accuse Trump of–there’s your answer.

Donald J. Trump has conferred upon news-media an ignominious title: “The Most Dishonest People.” Why trust reporters who support Hillary “Bought ‘Em” Clinton? Either they paid her corrupt foundation in hopes of being appointed to the White House Press Corps, or she has bought their news agencies. As a result, the monolithic press is a sulphur-scented saboteur whose job is to take down the most decent, capable, dedicated, knowledgeable, intelligent, self-sacrificing, trustworthy and strong presidential candidate in U.S. history. It’s amazing what an infinite supply of filthy lucre can procure.

If you wish to learn the real Donald Trump’s positive, people-friendly plans first-hand, any one of his speeches posted here at, especially those from the past two months, will enlighten you. I’m looking forward to this DJT address at Gettysburg, which will be followed today by more rallies: Virginia Beach and Cleveland. MY LINK, HERE at to RALLIES LATER TODAY, SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd, 2016




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