TRUMP follows his Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA rally with a barn-burner in Bangor, a short while later today, Saturday, October 15th, 2016.

UPDATE, SATURDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 15th: AT LEAST TWENTY CARS WERE SPRAY-PAINTED BY LEFTIST VANDALS AT THIS TRUMP RALLY. Perhaps it is wise to use a bus or car service as a conveyance to a venue if one is going somewhere to support Trump, the presidential candidate who has NOT sold out America or misplaced 6 billion dollars from the Dept. of State; the one who has NOT knowingly put USA at risk with unsecured classified emails, the most sensitive of which were easily accessible by rag-tag techies in heavily Left-Wing Denver, and NOT lied before Congress. Oh, yes, did I neglect to mention that Mr. Trump is the Peace Candidate, the only one who is not taunting President who can blow us to smithereens–the one who is NOT planning to import millions of illiterate welfare-cases whose only aim here is to chop off our heads and blast us back to the 7th century? The only candidate who is not in Monsanto and Big Pharma’s pocket, and beholden to the Saudis? The shirt-sleeve diplomat who is not averse to establishing cooperation and good will with Russia? Yes, that is the man whom Hitlery’s monosyllabic mental midgets are maligning in every possible way for Her>>Lowness. You know, Mr. Trump, the man who cares about Americans of all backgrounds, the candidate who is NOT a racist or enabler of rapists, and is offering the people more income, medical care that’s not an unaffordable tax-scam, who wants to confer upon us all a superior way of life, protect liberty and happiness–ironically, the fellow whose supporters are beaten up by the opposition’s paid thugs. 

~~Jeanne de St. A


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